Featured in Make Magazine!

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Check out this great article all about us, Smithsonian's 3D Digitization site, and NASA's 3D Resources. Michael Weinberg of Public Knowledge tells MAKE Magazine about the importance of open data policies for government, asking the question, "Who will win the race for government 3D file dominance?"

3D rendering of an orange Advanced Crew Escape Suit

Michael does a great job of highlighting where the three projects are leading the way, and where there is room for improvement. At present, NASA does not have an interactive 3D viewer in their beta release. Wouldn't it be great to see them use the open-source, plug-in free, X3DOM viewer?

We are excited to be featured in MAKE, and with such good company. 3D printing technology is advancing at a fast pace, and we are doing our best to stay on top of the trend and to provide high-quality, scientifically accurate 3D printable models to our growing user community.

Be sure to read more of Michael's blog posts for Public Knowledge, and his whitepapers, including It Will Be Awesome if They Don't Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology, and What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing? screenshot of 3D.si.edu Collection Teaser, with 3D various 3D renderings from the site's 3D model collection