ROCK STARS of 3D Printing

Our team member Terry Yoo, Computer Scientist and Head of the 3D Informatics Group at the National Library of Medicine, has been recognized as a Rock Star in the field of 3D printing. He will be presenting at the IEEE "Rock Stars of 3D Printing" event taking place in San Jose, California, on March 17th. Dr. Yoo joins eight other leaders in the 3D printing field for "high-level, one-day discussions aimed at business as well as technology leaders [that] will empower attendees to understand what's next in today's most important technologies."

Dr. Yoo's talk is titled, "3D Printing for Biomedical Research, Education, and Discovery." He'll be answering such questions as:

  • How is 3D Printing impacting the biomedical and healthcare industries?
  • What are the new directions in visualization?
  • Are they making a difference?

Abstract:While additive methods promise to revolutionize manufacturing by accelerating the delivery of individual custom production and enabling designs that have been impossible heretofore using convention tools, 3D printing also offers new horizons for visualization and outreach to promote education and discovery. This talk will explore some uses of 3D printing in the biomedical sciences, from molecular biology and high resolution 3D electron microscopy to the evaluation of computer aided diagnosis systems for cancer screening. The discussion will foreshadow how the same qualities of 3D printing that inject innovation into manufacturing will profit scientific exploration.

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