HHS Ventures

We are happy to report that the NIH 3D Print Exchange was selected for HHS Ventures, a new initiative from the HHS Idea Lab. As we head into "Phase II" following our beta release, this funding will be critical to helping us move forward with all the exciting plans we have for the site. We have three main goals we want to accomplish with Ventures:

  • Optimize our pipelines to make them better and faster (though we think they're already pretty great).
  • Pilot the transferability of our open source framework to another government agency, i.e. 3Dprint.[agency].gov.
  • Create 3D prints and educational supplements to help teachers, students, and parents incorporate 3D prints as hands-on teaching aids.

We are looking forward to continue working with Bryan Sivak, the HHS CTO, and the rest of his staff at HHS. Their support for the Exchange, provided through HHS Ignite, was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and helping us achieve all that we have in such a short amount of time.