What is netfabb?

When a 3D model is created, there can be errors that will prevent it from printing properly.  Holes in the mesh, inverted normals, unconnected borders, and intersecting faces can all cause print failures.  To increase the printability of models on the 3D Print Exchange, we have partnered with service called netfabb, which cleans and repairs 3D models.  When you upload or create models on the Exchange, they are processed by netfabb in the cloud.  Netfabb works by running an analysis on the model, and then performing steps to repair any problems it finds.  Netfabb will fill holes, correct triangle orientation, merge close borders, delete redundant and degenerate faces, and remove self intersections.   A resulting model that is verified as clean, watertight and printable is returned to the Exchange, and is made avaliable for download on the model page.