Potential theory on a black hole's anomalistic features

Hello Everyone,

I'm no advanced astronomer, but I sat down for a few hours today putting down my thoughts on how a black hole might function.
Frankly, it's quite boring and a little bit dull. However, it does make sense to a degree within my level of knowledge.

Bear in mind that I could be completely wrong in some instances of this theory, and please do correct me if that's the case. Although since this is theoretical science, there is no true way to prove one thing or the other unless.. well, we can prove it.
Regardless, please do take a glance.

In short, I believe that a black hole is simply a gigantic, dense mass that is encased by electromagnetic interference which may be the reason as to why we cannot see them properly with telescopes and (obviously) the human eye.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,




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