Looking for a specific virus and bacteria model


I am currently searching for both a common cold virus model and a. e.coli bacteria model to use for educational purposes. I have not been very successful at finding them on the current library. I was wondering if there were any teams out there that had better luck or would be willing to upload a model and that we could 3D print on these subjects?

Thank you! 





Hello Dorihuela, For the common cold, you could try the influenza model http://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-000030 or the adenovirus model http://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3DPX-001928. Unfortunately there are not any bacteria models on the site yet, as it's very difficult to obtain 3D information from them.

Hi James, 

Thank you! Will definitely use the influenza model you have pinpointed. Any idea on where (apart from this site) I could get a model of a bacteria? Specifically e.coli? 

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Hi Daniella,

You could try searching the thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=bacteria+afm&sa=), or buying a model from Turbosquid (http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/science/bacteria).

- James