Limitations of 3D Prosthetics

Hey guys, I'm doing a project on 3D prosthetics in my Chemistry class and I became curious on what possible limitations may exist with 3D printed prosthetics. Anyone care to shed some light on the subject?

Hi Melmow, one limitation that comes to mind is that the strength of printed materials is usually not enough for lower limb prosthetics.  The bonding bewteen layers presents a weakness in the Z axis of the printed part.  Other limitations may be imposed by the printing mechanism, which most often can only use a single thermoplastic material for each part.  You may want to investigate 3D filament materials such as PLA and ABS to see how they respond to temperature and mechanical stress.


Hi Melmow, The printing process can take days and the manufacturing method does not address one of the main obstacles to the fitting of any kind of prosthesis in developing countries. One of the most obvious limitations to 3D printing from a consumer stand-point is the fact that whatever you are printing out can only consist of a single material. Recently I have taken the services from Iannone 3D, which provides 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping  service in the New Jersey area. Thanks and continue discussion.