How do we know that black holes form?

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I asked this question over on the physicsforum, but the thread seems to have stagnated, so I figure I might as well ask it here also. 

Suppose that objects that become massive/dense enough to become black holes were prevented from collapsing by time dilation. What would we see in that region of space? 

There would still be some electromagnetic radiation coming from that region, but it would be red shifted to such an incredible degree that it would be at an incredibly low frequency. Possibly lower than the kiloherz, or even herz range. (Like a small fraction of a herz). We'd need a gigantic antenna just to detect it, and even then we'd have a very hard time accurately determining what direction it is coming from. 

Time would never completely freeze in this region of space. It would just appear to get slower and slower. In practice, communication might become practically very difficult, but in theory it would always be possible to send an EM signal into the interior of this region, and get a response back. 

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