LRTee: Ventilator Splitter

This device requires FDA approval or it may have design flaws that introduce safety risks. It has not been assessed for safe use.

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Thu, 2020-04-09 15:10

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LRTee - Parts on ventilator for testing
LRTee - Parts on ventilator for testing
LRTee - Running automated leak test
LRTee - Printed in PLA (plan on 1-2% shrinkage when sterilized)
LRTee - Shrinkage due to heat/annealing
LRTee - PETG parts bubble leak test with 1.0 and 1.2 extrusion multiplier
LRTee - Printed in PETG



This model, while functional as is, would be potentially more useful if one of the two limbs on the Y-piece was longer than the other by approximately 19 to 25 mm.  The extra length on one limb would allow two respiratory therapy B/V or HEPA filters to be used, one on each limb.  There are many different brands of respiratory therapy filters available and there is no standardization with respect to size and shape.  So, while some brands may fit the existing device, others may require one limb to be longer so that the two filters do not encroach each other.