Community Face Mask

This design has been tested and is suitable for community use, but at this time does not meet the full requirements for use in a clinical setting.

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Wed, 2020-04-08 19:28

Vertical Tabs

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The HPS-M V1.0 on a user
The HPS-M V1.0 on another user - Side Profile
The HPS-M V1.0 after print and assembly
3d Render of HPS-M V1.0 - Anterior aspect
3d Render of HPS-M V1.0 - Lateral Aspect
3d Render of HPS-M V1.0 - Posterior Aspect



Great mask design

Great model

This is an excellent alternative to the regular surgical mask in that its reusable, more cost effective and environment friendly as has less infected waste. Best of all does not require commercial 3D printers by companies only but seems like can be printed by any 3D conventional printer including those at home. Great option especially in areas with limited resources and PPE shortage as is the case in this  pandemic . Not to forget the need in underpriveleged countries too for effective cheaper alternatives.

seals the area of interest completely and leaves little room for unnecessary mobility.

Excellent face mask model

Practical and economical 

Great solution for countries with limited resources 

An improvement on the surgical mask with more protection .