Activated Charcoal Mask with Flexible Filter Options

This design has been tested and is suitable for community use, but at this time does not meet the full requirements for use in a clinical setting.

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Sun, 2020-04-05 14:01

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Hi there,

Just looking at this design and think it's pretty cool.  But before attempting to print I think most people would like to know:

-general slicer settings (speed, infil, shells, layer height), are supports needed and what the possibility is to downgrade quality for better speed

-print time, nozzle size, material's tested/used.

Keep up the great design work!


Hi There! Thanks for your interest in this design, and I've actually made 73 of these for my neighborhood and am printing out the 74th one now. I've also designed a kids size version, which I'll upload later. Most of the settings you're asking for can be found in the "How to make" tab found above, and I've also uploaded a set of assembly instructions in pdf format. I will work on updating that with some of the additional details you're asking for, but here are the answers before I get that done.

Nozzle size: .4mm

infill: 20% (This could be dowgraded as there's not much that actually gets the infill

layer height: As mentioned in the how to make section, I have printed and evaluated .3mm successfully. Anything more than that I think is more dependent on how well you have your machine calibrated and how good a sealing bond you can make.

Material: I've printed all of mine using PLA, either from hatchbox or ttyt3d.

Thickness: I have this set to 4mm. While this may be overkill, I do this to make certain the sides are strong. I've seen plenty of examples of failures that exist in the side surfaces if the walls are too thin. A lot of my neighbors use them every day, and I'm targeting them for a longer life. You can probably dramatically increase the printing speed if you dialed this back, possibly down to 2mm.

time: I can get mine to print in about 7 hours, 20 min.

hi, I am actually testing a different type of filter media, call 13x molcular sieve which comes in a bead form. Can you adapt your design to use this type of media? The depth of the cartridge needs to be 4 cm with a radius of 2.5 cm. The beads are quite small, so to prevent the beads from falling out of the filter bed, I can send you a cartridge design in 3d, stl file I made.

Hey Gerard! Sorry I missed your note from earlier in the week. I would love to see if I can adapt this. I'll try and send a PM to you with my email for the .stl file!