Montana Mask Flanged Variation

This model has not been assessed for community use or in a clinical setting. Further optimization may be required.

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Sat, 2020-04-04 02:03

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This is impressive.  I'm probably going to have to integrate it into my next batch of master molds for 3dpx-013379!  

Can we get this design approved please? We have been sending hundreds of these ( to hospitals in New York, and doctors are loving it. They love the fact they can make a N-95 mask 6 times longer by cutting it in pieces. 

It's easy to print and can be mold around your nose with heat etc. 
Please approve...!

This is the design that our community is printing at the headquarters at Microsoft by the way... not sure that helps. But again, so much positive feedbacks, would be great to make it a wider availability.

Please see

The design is excellent.  I printed this on a low end Anet A6 with PETG.  I have not put the N95 filter material into the mask yet but the small flanges hold the filter holder firmly.  The mask fits very well.  I can cover the opening and have only one spot near my eye that leaks.  I have not added any gasket material.  I am interested in what gasket materials folks have used.  (Adhesive?)  The only design change I would request is a rectangular strap hole that is slightly larger than the current hole.  Elastic strap material is hard to come by.  (My wife a nurse, has been making cloth masks and can make cloth straps that would work).  I do not have the design expertise to change anything on this mask.  Good job.