Robins SPARK community mask v2

This design has been tested and is suitable for community use, but at this time does not meet the full requirements for use in a clinical setting.

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Sat, 2020-04-04 01:21

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Mask Side
Mask Inside_Silicone Tubing Trim
Mask Front
Mask Inside
HEPA Filtration



I printed this and things turned out well. I used an Ultimaker S3 with TPU for the mask and CPE for the insert. I used the recommended HEPA filter and silicon tubing material. I found that I had to scale up the insert piece by about 3-4% relative to the size in order to get a tight seal of the HEPA filter material in the mask. The other thing that I found was that not just any SuperGlue seemed to work to bind the silicon tubing to the mask - I found that Loctite 406 worked best. I have been wearing the mask for a couple of months now and it generally works well. I have also printed some for friends neighbors and family. Thanks for the design!