Stopgap Surgical Face Mask (SFM)

This model has not been assessed for community use or in a clinical setting. Further optimization may be required.

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Fri, 2020-04-03 18:59

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Dr. William Chang of VA Puget Sound Health Care System, wearing one of the 3D printed face mask prototypes.
3D printed masks in 4 sizes, ready to be assembled. The mask consists of the main face portion, a cartridge to hold the mask filter, and an elastic band to secure it to the face.
Later mask design, assembled and ready for use
Engineer Chris Richburg works with physician Dr. Sarah Basawrous to test 3D printed face mask prototypes.
Engineer Chris Richburg works with physician Dr. Sarah Basawrous to test 3D printed face mask prototypes.



I too would really, really appreciate the Fusion 360 files. I intend to make alternative PETG masks for French firemen/paramedics using consumer-grade Creality printers.
Having a design we can slightly adapt to our equiment AND print with a standard 3D printer would be absolutely fantastic.

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the CAD files?  I can't seem to make the download work.  Appreciate any feedback.

I am trying to print this mask for my sister who works as a pharm tech and I am worried about her. When I shrink it to 78% (her size) the wall thickness becomes 0.8mm instead of 1.2mm and it doesn't print right around the vent areas. (I 3D print a lot and still couldn't fix that) Also the airflow is retricted when using MERV 16 air filter inserts (Close to n95 filtering I think) I really need to edit this file but I don't have solidworks 2019 or 2020 that it was made in. Can you (or someone) save the solidworks files (all 3 files please) as parasolids so I can run FeatureWorks on them on my SoildWorks 2018 software to make it editable? (I have a license through my work on my work machine) I know you can't save a .SLDPRT file as an eariler version. Big thank you in advance.

This is a great design and we made a short video showing it the overall mask including a few suggestions for considerations:

We are currently doing the following with this design:

-  We are already on rev3 of our re-design whis is predominanly focused on making the mask more suited for 3D printing (specifically SLA but possibly FDM as well).  We have moved the cartridge to the inside to make the front surface flat and we have changed the strap anchors as well.

-  We are working with a major SLA vendor to print on this on their surgical grade resins and we should have results very soon (probably today 4/17/20).

-  There is also some governmental R&D interest, but I will not go into that until I discuss it with my contacts.

I think this is a very good design and worth continued consideration.

When I try and download the provided cad files, I just get a huge text document in my browser. anyone else experiencing this or have an idea on how to fix it? thanks!

The link for the cad files isn't working for me. it just shows a huge text document. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

In the Downloads section, I see several Parametric files, but when I click on them, they don't download like the other files listed there.  It looks like the sourcecode (looks like dingbats) loads to the Window instead.  Has anyone else been able to download the Parametric .sldprt files?  or perhaps the link is broken?

I've printed several of these out for family and friends, in PLA with supports and using a cut-up HEPA filter as filter material. I'd just like to add my +1 for a large-size model, medium is a bit tight for adult males.

Thanks so much for making these models available!

As an alternate filter material we've used quilted cotton squares, available at grocery stores for less than a penny each (I believe their primary use is for removing makeup). Cheap enough to be disposed of after one use, and probably at least as good as a rag mask. Not quite as easy to breathe through as a HEPA filter, though.

Hi Chris,

     My name is Victoria, nice to meet you! First off, I want to thank you and anyone else involved with the designing of this mask. Surely this will provide those who work in the medical field a safe alternative to the standard medical PPE that is currently in short supply. I see you have had quite a few others ask you already for a file they could alter themselves on CAD. I too would like a copy of these files.

     I have been working on a few ideas for the mask and wanted to test them out. I have printed out a medium and small mask. Both came out good. I was going to try using the copper3D MDflex filament I have seen a lot people talking about. Apparently, it has been scientifically validated to eliminate 99.99% of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. One of the things I was working on in Solidworks was a detachable rim that will be made using TPU MDflex filament - which is supposed to be more rubbery/flexible, in hopes that it would make wearing the mask for prolonged periods more comfortable. Then the actual mask itself I was going to print using copper3D PLA.

     I wanted to print this mask for a few of my family members who work in nursing homes. They have been forced to use the same disposable surgical masks, so I told them I would print them out masks they can wash and reuse. When you get a chance can you upload or send me whatever version of the file needed to make modifications to the design for Solidworks? It would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


Chris, we printed masks in PA12 and also tested in flexible TPU (SLS and MJF). TPU greatly improves sealing and comfort, while also being sterilizable. Are there plans to add TPU to the list of approved materials? Thanks