Stopgap Surgical Face Mask (SFM)

This model has not been assessed for community use or in a clinical setting. Further optimization may be required.

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Fri, 2020-04-03 18:59

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Dr. William Chang of VA Puget Sound Health Care System, wearing one of the 3D printed face mask prototypes.
3D printed masks in 4 sizes, ready to be assembled. The mask consists of the main face portion, a cartridge to hold the mask filter, and an elastic band to secure it to the face.
Later mask design, assembled and ready for use
Engineer Chris Richburg works with physician Dr. Sarah Basawrous to test 3D printed face mask prototypes.
Engineer Chris Richburg works with physician Dr. Sarah Basawrous to test 3D printed face mask prototypes.



We're looking to mass produce the mask if possible. Creo doesn't play nicely with STL files.  Do you have the raw IGES, STEP, or Creo .prt files for this mask by any chance?

Nicholas, we are working on releasing parametric SolidWorks files.  Please check this page for updates.

Is there any word on releasing the vector CAD files for this (or other) designs? We are looking to use a higher performing material (OXPEKK) that is steam sterlizable (everyone has an autoclave, eh?). Further, we see other forming methods that could be made to work but ~need~ the origin file. Thanks and Great Work, All.

Hi, we too would benefit from parametric CAD files.  I posted a request earlier and it disappeared, possibly in moderation.  I'm replying here in case my previous post did not go through.  We use Solidworks, but could also use STEP or other solid (not mesh) model format.

Hi, I am buying a 3D printer to help. I am buying a "Flsun QQ" model. Will it work? I´ve chosen this model because when corona is over, I will help people that need prosthetic legs (this printer can print high objects, such as prosthetic legs).

Also on this mask print, what´s used as the filter>


Best regards, 

Chris, understand you guys are extremely busy and I fully appreciate your work! They don't need to be perfect though, even a STP is fine, just something I can extract surfaces from and run toolpaths off of.  We need to modify slightly anyway for the method(s) of production we're considering. Feel free to email me at this alias at if that's easiest.


For FDM printing [filament type] the mask needs to be modified. The overhangs cant be printed without supports. which will greatly increase print time. Most other mask designs can be printed without supports. 

The portion on the mask where the filter rests needs to be flat to the surface its printed on. Otherwise it will be too rough a finish and not hygenic. If you add supports it will take longer to print and the sealing surface might still be too rough. I think nylon will be too stiff and not conform to the wearers face. TPU might be better a better choice.

I reoriented the design and added supports. I can report a sucessful print on my Prusa i3 MK3. gcode here:


I have 4 Creality CR10s Pro printers and I think I can print lots of masks. I noticed PLA is not good, what about PETG or TPU? If nylon is a must, can we use something like this?

Also we have many acrylic coating and plastidip coating like this:

Please make a list of printer materials, from what we read in online forums hospitals and doctors desperately in need of mask in some locations.


I was wondering why one could not use this type of industrial filter which is F8 so stops 90% of 0.4micron particles such as this one   I am sure that there is a US equivalent

Is there a reason not to use an industrial filter such as this one?   It is almost N95 equivalent and surely better than cutting up a surgical mask?

Thank you for posting this design. I succesfully printed it on an FDM printer.  If some of the overhangs of greater than 45 degrees could be eliminated though, it would be faster and easier to print.  (The strap attachment points and the lip where it contacts your face could have a 45 degree blend on the underside.) 

Hi, Can you help to share solidworks file?


Thank you for sharing this project.  Saturday you indicated you were working on sharing Solidworks files.  Can you update us on that?  Please, if there is any way you can share these files, it would be very helpful.  Personally I would like to remix this design to accept filters that were designed for a respirator.  There are many designs out there, but the testing you are putting into fitment is reassuring to me to use as a starting point.  I will gladly share my work.


Can you help to share solidworks file? 

Chris Richburg, I'd like to get the original Fusion 360 file for this design if possible.  As others have noted, this design apparently isn't intended for just anyone with a 3d printer to print.  Most relatively inexpensive 3d printers from Prusa, Ultimaker or Lulzbot use Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).  This design is intended for a different type of Powder Bed Fusion printing.  I tried the model in Cura and it requires lots of overhang and said it would take over 10 hours to print one.  I'm considering a similar design for FDM that would the same filter box and a similar profile against the face but require minimal overhang, reducing material required and print time with FDM methods.  That would allow for the same filter to be used in either model.  I'm not sure about sterilization techniques for anything that is printed with FDM but maybe someone else can consider that issue.  It appears that some face shield bands have been recommended that can be printed with FDM so I'd guess that issue has been addressed.  

Tried a couple times, but required lots of supports, lots of time, and the amount of material that would be thrown away (recycled) with each build would be prohibitive. 

Do you have the SSP with an optimized build for the 580? We have the capacity to crank a lot of these out if there is an order for them. We're currently manufacturing at our base cost and donating labor and machine time. We can also vapor smooth these to increase their ability to be disinfected and cleaned.

Thanks for your question,

We don't currently have an optimized build .ssp file. However, we recommend following the manufacturing guidance for MJF found in the 'Extras' tab to start and optimizing the part nesting from there. We were able to fit 16 masks in one build for the MJF 580 by stacking the masks horizontally while also printing an equivalent number of fiter covers, however this number may be able to be optimized further. 

Hi Chris,

I only have FDM printers but I have access to injection molding machines. What are your thoughts on injection molding these masks? What is your current print time per mask?



Hi Chris,

I only have FDM printers but I have access to injection molding machines. What are your thoughts on injection molding these masks? What is your current print time per mask?



Printed this on my SLA resin printer but it failed. What was left was too thin and brittle to get off of the build plate without breaking it.

This might be more of a question for admins, but is there any way to track the number of people that downloaded, and implimented your design? 

This feature had to be removed awhile back but it is on our current to-do list. Thanks for asking!

We can test this in our SLS machine from XYZ, the MfgPro230, and provide results and maximum output if you would like to add that to your information.  I challenge the designers to work on improving the nesting of this mask to maximize output.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m getting only about a 50% overlap which would increase output by 1.5x.  Since this is essentially a bowl I would hope for more overlap.

I have printed the mask medium sized .  Admittedly in PLA on my Ultimaker 2+.   I cut up a surgical mask to create a filter.   Even when held tight, it is obvious that there is a leak around/above the nose.  After a few minutes I could feel my face getting hot.

If this is intended to provide better protection than a surgical mask, then it needs a gasket to make an airtight fit.   If it is not intended to be any better than a surgical mask then it has achieved its purpose but in truth is over engineered.


What SLS material was used in the clinical testing model? 


Hi Everyone,

Two-part question (aka. two+ questions):

Q1a: Could masks made of food-safe/food-grade silicone (i.e. not medical-grade implantable, and not "dirtier" construction-grade) be sterilized using existing accepted methods?

Q1b: Could translucent (i.e no colouring additives) "kitchen and bath" silicone from a reputable manufacturer be substituted, assuming they are variants spec'd as waterproof and rated for temperatures up to 400F?

Q2: Assuming yes to Q1 (a and/or b), could someone with better design-for-manufacturing skills than I whip up a 2+2-part FDM-printable variant of this mask where:

  • the face-contact part is a 2-or-more-part FDM 3d-printable mould for injection- or clamp-press-moulding with a hand-caulking dispenser
    • multiple size options.
  • the outer filter-retainer cap is directly FDM 3d-printable (an externally-exposed, optionally-disposable part)
    • existing part/design could be reused as-is.
  • the strap-retainer is a separate part and also directly FDM 3d-printable
    • can be one-size-fits-all since it would fit around the outside of the mask.



Hello all,

Great work to all who designed this device!

I am writing to request the original part files (or .STEP, at the least) of the version design shown in the pictures, located under "EXTRA"

This model in particular:

The placement of the face strap lugs on this model is ideal for our injection molding setup, will require less molding inserts, and will allow us to rapidly manufacture these for our Indiana hospitals.

We will gladly share the injection mold design files to help rapidly get this out.  Our cycle times are one mask in less than 1 minute.

Please let me know if I can get the requested model.  If so, we start injecting tomorrow. 

Hi Chris, would you be able to make the validation test results available? 

Thank you 

I think this is a great design - I'd like to get my team focused on adapting this design for injection molding so we can ramp up production like folks have done with the Montana Mask. Can someone from the design team contact me? 

My homecare agency has 0 masks, the ones we had ordered are evidently delivered and or stolen. I'm desperate to get our staff of 25 folks safe. I've looked at the documentation and I think I could do this, but I would very much like some assistance. I'll happily pay someone to create these for us too. what is the filter material are you recommending using?  

I really need help. 

+1 for the FDM version to be reviewed and approved

In the absence of any parametric files, I have extracted the inner and outer surfaces and converted them to STP/IGES formats.  If any official agency requires these files for printing/toolpath generation please feel free to use the contact feature here and I'll email them over.

complete newbie here that needs masks for his staff. I'm wanting to try this out. What's a 'good enough' 3d printer to use for printing a few of these, I need about 40 for resuse, and more... I'd like to start ASAP. is there a recommended printer and supply of filament to use? I'll look at the guides. could use some help.

513-403-648 Nine is my number

Successfully printed small and medium versions on Dremel with Nylon however was not satisfied with the quality. We have Stratasys F170 machines with PLA or ABSM30, would either of those materials meet requirements?

Hey guys, Has anyone else had issues with the FDM 3D Printing of these masks? Specifically the flanges? It seems like they are too thin and curve to steeply to be properly printed at regular layer heights. 

Hi Chris,

Do you have 2D files (step or Parasolid files) so I can create a mold for injection molding?  Thank you.


I did a remix of the medium size mask to make it easier to print on an FDM printer. I moved the retaining lip from the front to the inside so that the mask can be printed with a flat face on the build plate. I haven't printed one out yet so I don't know if there will be inteference with your nose or not. If it works OK, I can do the small size too.

Hi Chris,


I have no idea where to place this or send it to - our group has done some sterility work on the use of Nylon 680 in steam autoclaves and have found that nylon survives this process with minimal dimensional changes, minimal mechanical changes, and showcases no growth on incubated plates. While this work is by no means done to an ISO level (it was preliminary research into the feasibility of sterilizing FDM parts with sterility validation provided by Steris), I figure I'd pass that along. Our work was to be presented at ARVO 2020 but this was canceled due to COVID. My understanding is that the abstract will be published in IOVS, but I don't know when that will be done. In our study, the nylon must be dried before use and printed at high resolution (160 Microns - we used a Lulzbot TAZ 6) and support use must be minimal. Also the infill must be 100% or the part cannot be made sterile (we have data on this too).  

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you can point me a particular direction.



Brian -

I reoriented the design and added supports. I can report a sucessful print on my Prusa i3 MK3. 8.5 hr print.

gcode here:

the link for the solidworks files seems to be broken.  could someone look at the links or direct me to another source of these files.  thank you



I see that there are solid works files ".sldprt" on the downloads page now.  However, clicking on the links only yield gibberish- maybe source files?  Is there a trick to downloading them? or could the links be updated to download the actual files?


Hi All,

I printed one model using PLA in my printer (UltiMaker 2) -  (only for testing). It was printed nice. 

I would like to know few things:

1. Link to website or amazon to buy printer material ( my dad brought me PLA and after reading the messages that is not usable)
2. Link to website to buy Filter's
3. Link to webiste to buy elastic.


I have submitted a remix with a slightly thicker shell and parts of the cover thickened for strength. I am experimenting with Vat Polymerization printing (Form Labs Form 2).

Hello, I hope I am not wasting anyone's time. When I click to download the stl no problem. When I click to download the sldprt file it opens another tab in chrome and is the basic code for the model. Is there a problem whith the link or chrome? Please, advise. Awesome work btw.


Hi, when I click on the link for SW files, I get linked to a webpage rather than a download.  STL files download correctly.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi, I am looking for a link to download the SW files.  STLs download fine, but I cannot download the CAD files.  Any help would be appreciated.


This is an excellent design and I applaud the original authors for their work! I have remixed this design for easier printing on FDM machines using TPU for the mask body and PLA for the cartridges. I've also included optional straps for the mask, which I've printed out of TPU. I've successfully printed all components of the mask on a Prusa i3 MK3S, Ender 3 Pro and CR-X. While the original design is excellent, I don't think it easily transfers to the 3D printing modalities most people have available. Please see the link below if this is something you would like to try for yourself.