UD HensNest

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Tue, 2020-03-31 19:20

Vertical Tabs

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assembled prototype
assembled prototype inside
key parts - filter clip not shown
assembling 1
assembling 2
assembling 3
assembling 4
assembled front - minus filter clip
assembled back - minus filter clip
Assembled view model
Exploded view model
Exploded view model animation



Even in my CAD tools, the snap ring is just a little too big to fit inside the spider ring, even w/o the little nubs that stick inwards on the spider. I noticed on your prototype, you had a different design of snap ring. Are these files the latest? Have you tried them?




The snap ring does not fit. I do not think it would be best to use a tight-pinching locking ring that could run the chance of damaging or penetrating the filtering material. Instead I will modify the ring to remove the lip of the ring entirely. I do like this is a great upgrade to the original design and if I have time, I'll try to resize the ring to make it fit.

 sorry about that.. please see HensNest v2 & also on GrabCad .. the snap ring was removed for a better/simpler assembly.. there are pics and videos showing assembly



I scaled the ring to 95% and it fit well