Covid 19 filter mask

This design has been tested and is suitable for community use, but at this time does not meet the full requirements for use in a clinical setting.

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Mon, 2020-03-30 12:40

Vertical Tabs

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Strain relief/earloop adapter
Mask body with channels for strap material. 1 elastic per side looped around inner wing of channel.
Ring clamp/clip holds filter material in place on mask body.




I am doing a spcial COVID-19 epsiode of "3D in Review" and I reall like your minimal design, and was working towards something like this as well.  I plan to print it tonight for tomorrow's (4/5/2020) show at 12:00 pm PDT -

I like this design! Would you mind sharing the original model? I'd like to make some changes. 

Do you know where I can find the STL models for the Ring Clamp and the Mask Flange v6 gcode files?