Upper mandible with teeth

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Thu, 2014-12-25 01:55

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Hi. Would love to print your model here at our health sciences library, but the model contains fatal mesh errors that I'm not able to repair with NetFabb (a 3d model repair tool that usually works very well).

I notice you commented "A second model was combined with the upper mandible mesh data and the lower mandible was removed entirely to allow for printing of this free-standing educational model". I wonder if the file uploaded was by chance not the printable file?

Thanks for any feedback.

Brian Zelip

Hello again. I went ahead and tried printing even with the errors, and was successful! Thanks for sharing the model.

Hi bzelip, I'm glad to hear it worked for you!  I was trying to find a solution for you, it's a tricky mesh error.  If you encounter other meshes with similar problems you can open them in MeshLab and use Filters>Cleaning and Repairing>Merge Close Verticies to remove holes and boundaries.  We'd love to see how the print came out!  Would you consider adding a photo to the model page with the "I Printed This Button"?

Uploaded a handful of pics from the second print. Thanks for the response. Cheers

Hi, Brian, Would love to hear how this model worked for your library application.  I just saw the information on the error and glad James provided some additional resolution.  Very cool~ Chris