GFP (Green Phosphorescent Protein); whole and in 2 pieces for FDM printing

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Fri, 2014-11-14 11:29

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I would like to download this model for a trial print, but do not see a download option.  How do I download it?  Thank you!



Hello Jessica, thanks for bringing this to our attention! There was an error on this page affecting the download link, we’ve fixed it so you can download the models now.

- James 

Thank you so much!  I printed it and it's a beautiful model!  Since it worked so well, I'd love more info on thickening cartoon structures in Pymol to match this model. 

I'm glad it worked for you, the print looks awesome!  We use a program called UCSF Chimera instead of Pymol.  Use it to open a PDB file, and go Actions>Ribbon>Show, then Tools> Depiction>Ribbon Style Editor.  Here you can adjust the thickness of each component of the ribbon.  You can also use the 'struts' command to generate structures that make the model easier to print.  I'm certain you could do something similar in Pymol, but I'd have to check their wiki to figure out how!

Another option; if you submit a PDB file to our site via the Quicksubmit or Create tools, one of the representations we create is a thick representation of the ribbon model, similar to this one of GFP.