Cranial Perforator Motor Coupler

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Tue, 2019-11-05 16:12

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This is a custom motor coupler device that was designed for a senior design project. This coupler connects a round drive shaft to a hexagonal output shaft. This model is approximately 4 inches tall. The hexagonal cut out has a size of 1/2 inch, the round side is 3/8 in in diameter. There are two set screws, one for each of the shafts. This model is meant to replace a custom designed metal coupler which would have costs around $200. This coupler only costs about $0.60 to print out of PLA, depending on the amount of infil chosen. The coupler will perform just as well as the metal coupler for the necessary application. In the event that the coupler breaks, it will  be very to improve the design and print another one.