The BYB RoachScope

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Fri, 2014-12-19 01:44

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Are any additional parts; hardware, lenses, etc required to build this? There is no information on the posting except for the files themselves.

Hi JSCrews, you can try contacting the user through their user profile page:, or you can more info on the Backyard Brains website. 

Here is our parts list:

  • 1x Lense - Illuminated, Plastic 10x, 20mm 
  • 1x High power Lense - Plastic Aspheric Lens, Ø7.40 mm, f = 3.30 mm, 0.40 NA
  • 20x Magnets - 5mm x 5mm Cylinder N48
  • 1x Ball Bearing -  Lm8uu 8*15* 24 liner Ball Bearing
  • 1x Pulley - GT2 Pulley - Teeth : 20
  • 1x Rod 8mm - 12l14 Carbon Steel Metric High-tolerance
  • 1x Aluminum rod 5mm - Multipurpose 6061 Aluminum, 4cm
  • 4x Feet Bumbers  - Rubber 12.7mm X 1.5mm 
  • 1x Scope bed - Orange Acrylic 1/8''
  • 1x Screw 12mm - Class 8.8, M3 Fully Threaded, Pitch: 0.5
  • 1x Hex Nut - .5mm Pitch, 5.5mm Wide, 2.4mm High

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