3DPX Developer API

The driving mission of the NIH 3D Print Exchange is to provide access to high-quality, scientifically accurate 3D-printable files related to bioscience and medicine. Our database, tools, and sharing features help make this possible. To fully maximize the potential of our site and its content, we have created an application programming interface (API) that provides a gateway to our open architecture, for better sharing content across other 3D printing communities and resources on the web. As APIs go, ours is super easy to use.

Full instructions and documentation can be found at the NIAID 3DPX GitHub site.

Our API was created by SquishyMedia, using funds from the HHS IDEA Lab, through the HHS Ventures initiative. We gratefully acknowledge additional support from GSA's 18F. 18F provides helpful information on the basics of APIs, or you can visit api.data.gov to find more information about all the APIs available from federal government agencies.

Additional commentary on our API from the the API Evangelist.