How we generate printable models on the Exchange

Molecular Data Models

When a PDB accession code is entered through our "quick submit" form, or a .pdb or similar molecular structure data file is uploaded, our pipelines create seven printable variations on the model:

  • solid ribbon (STL)
  • rainbow ribbon (VRML)
  • ribbon model, colored by secondary structure (VRML)
  • ribbon model, colored by chain (VRML)
  • solid surface model (STL)
  • hydropathic surface model (VRML)
  • surface model, colored by coulombic potential (VRML)

Volumetric Data Models

EMDB "quick submit" entries, microscopy image stack files, and other volumetric data are output in two versions:

  • solid isosurface (STL)
  • radial-colored isosurface (VRML)

X3D Formatting

When an STL or VRML file is added to the database, our tools create a corresponding file in the X3D format that is used to display the 3D image in the interactive 3D viewer.

3D Medical Image Stacks

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3D Molecular Models

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3D Image Stacks

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