HIV Capsid, Envelope and RNA (deconstructible)

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Tue, 2020-09-29 12:37

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Deconstructable HIV, Polio and Inflenza-open
Deconstructable HIV, Polio and Inflenza
Deconstructable HIV



It appears that the STL files generate models that are less than 2 mm in x,y dimensions.  Is each component to scale to each other, such that if you strech out each model 20X then they will fit into each other like in the photo?

STL files don't have units, but when I imported into my printer software as inches, the models are all at the appropriate relative scale. As long as you scale them all the same percent, you should be ok. Please reply if you have issues and we can look into it more. Good luck!

Thank you, I cannot seem to change my units other than mm but I will try to work on just scaling everything the same amount.

Hello polarizedphoton, 

The units for models arising from molecular structures are often problematic, since they are usually based on molecular modeling programs which use a base unit of Ångstroms (10E-10 meters). Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue, so in practice it is best to do any necessary scaling in your slicing program to create models of an appropriate size.

Thanks, I will just scale every component the same amount.