3D Printed Nasopharyngeal Testing Swab Prototype


This design is for a 3D-printable nasal or throat swab, and is intended only to be manufactured in facilities that meet specific requirements. Please read the documentation carefully and contact the submitter for support.

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Tue, 2020-05-26 21:34

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Will the NIH test this model? Looks cool and I tried printing it and it came out great as well!

First of all thank you! About NIH testing it I am not sure how that happens.

Hi! I have some ideas on how this could be made even better. How do you want to collaborate?

Hi! Yes I am totally open to collaboration. Please reach out to me at imrakibul@gmail.com with more info.

Hi I am a visualization technology specialist at NIH and I 3D printed this using Lulzbot Taz Pro. I uploaded a "I printed this" reference model, showing the final images.