DtM-v4.0 Face Shield PPE, Design for Injection Molding

This design has undergone review in a clinical setting and has been found appropriate when fabricated with the printer type and materials specified.

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Mon, 2020-04-13 18:28

Vertical Tabs

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DtM-v3.0 design side view for comparison
DtM-v3.0 design side view for comparison
Detail view, increased the height of the front face holding the mounting pegs to eliminate the risk of the transparency creating a splatter-gutter forming at the base of the visor
Detail view, closed the sides of the visor to provide improved protection from aerosol and splatter from above
Detail view, increased the spacing of the gap between the inner and outer headband segments to make it easier to wipe the entire surface clean between patients (as shown on right)



Hello everyone, 

I am able to run it successfully on my Taz 6 but not on the Makerbot. Has anyone printed this successfully on a Makerbot 5th gen or Replicator Plus? Looking for setting recommendations.

Thank you.


Just a heads up, the .stl file imports as a microscopic version of the object in Cura. I had to scale it up by 2525% to get it the same size as the previous models. 

I had a couple of prints leave the bed, and when I checked the preview on slic3r I saw that the tabs for the headbands are not low enough to be printed in the first layer.  I tried slicing it with .2, .3, and .4 layer heights, without luck.  I think I could possibly print it with a larger first layer height, but I haven't found that yet.  Has anyone modified the design to lower the tabs?