Disposable cell phone stethoscope attachment for telemedicine and office visits

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Sun, 2020-04-12 21:15

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The adapter attaches over the microphone of the cell phone.



As a US graduate, residency trained, board-certified, and licensed physician with years of practice experience, I am excited how this simply made device will enhance telemedicine visits. As the author depicts, the bell and diaphragm are easily customized, 3-D printed, and placed together. Then the device is provided to the patient and he/she fits it around his own smartphone or tablet near the microphone. The patient holds the device over his heart, lungs, or relevant anatomy as directed by the clinician. The audio generated, akin in acoustics to that of the Littman Cardiology III traditional stethoscope, is sent to the clinical platform. The audio can be rendered into a phonogram, spectrograph, or the like for artificial intelligence interpretation and final clinical correlation by the clinician. Given the right clinical context and in the hands of trained and licensed clinicians, abnormal heart or lung sounds picked up with this tool could be a deciding factor in pursuing the correct clinical pathway resulting in improved timeliness of diagnosis and outcomes. Being 3-D printed, it's readily reproducible design makes it easy to eliminate any infectious risk to patient or clinician. This tele-stethoscope is particularly timely given the current clinical landscape but will also hold utility beyond the immediate health-care Covid-19 crisis.