Printed via Creality Ender 3 Pro

Printed in PLA, using AMZ3D filament. Blue Colour.

Used by nurses and medical staff in the Vancouver Coastal Health Region.

Tested and working in clinical and hospital environments.

-printed in standard quality, with standard bed and nozzle settings.
-removed skirt/brim
-can fit up to 7 on the bed (6 horizontal, 1 vertical)
-print seems to optimized for 5-up horizontal
-cost is $0.09 per unit (est)
-85% size would be appropriate for smaller frame individuals

Printer Technology/Material 
Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 

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100% is pretty large, 85% is going to be great for most people.

You can fit 10 units at 85% on an ender 3