Covid-19 Face Shield

This model has not been assessed for community use or in a clinical setting. Further optimization may be required.

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Sun, 2020-03-29 16:16

Vertical Tabs

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This print is awesome. Can you share the fusion 360 file?  I just made one for my girlfriend and she is working as a nurse in a COVID 19 hospital.  I wish to make some more modifications to speed up print time.  


Please let me know! Thank you so much 

I just printed this for my girlfriend. She is a nurse helping with Covid 19 patients.  Can you please share the file? I wish to modify it and make a better stackable version for my printer.  


Please let me know

The pegs seem just slightly too big to fit the holes made by a typical 3 hole punch.

Same problem seems to have been reported on the 3dverkstan design:

Anybody else having issues?  Any tips?

I haven't had any issue with hole size(it is intentionally tight), it should be tight in order to stop films from falling off, and in some cases a little flexing of the frame is needed to get them on.