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Thu, 2014-04-24 18:16

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How do you author a quick submit like this from the visible human?  It's great by the way!  I'm using this in an aggegate model, and trying to do something with it.  I haven't checked the forums yet for an answer on the topic, but I've seen more quick-submits populating on the site, so I figured I'd ask some of the people posting for any tips on "quick-submit" anatomy? 


Actually... this wasn't a quick submit, that's an error going back a bit, but I've corrected that now. "Quick Submit" actually refers to the tool on the Create page that allows you to enter an accession code from the Protein Data Bank, the Electron Microscopy Data Bank, or PubChem. 

The other Create tools (not the Quick Submit) allow you to upload content in one of the five categories on the site. For Medical/Anatomical models, this means you can upload a DICOM and our tools will create a 3D printable model. Right now, that only works for CT data, and we only extract bone, but we are working on ways to allow users to customize the density threshold, or extract several models at once (e.g., bone, soft tissue, skin). We'd also like to make the tool compatible with MRI data, but there are some challenges there. 

For this model, Dave created it custom from the Visible Human Data - he's actually a member of that project team at NLM!

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