Image Credit: Dr. Matthew Bramlet; Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center.

Heart Library

Sponsored by Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center

Models by Request

The extremely intricate process of rendering 3D heart models requires a coordinated effort across the highly specialized disciplines of radiology, congenital cardiology and engineering. Even within these fields the expertise required to generate a digital copy of a heart from medical images remains very limited, as such we are unable to meet all requests for model creation.

However, the primary goal of this library is to share and facilitate the growth of this amazing technology throughout the field of congenital cardiology. In an effort to efficiently manage these requests, it is necessary that all requests come through a physician member of the treating team. As mentioned above, this process requires a coordinated effort and details regarding patient privacy, image quality, pathology specific background, and intended purpose of the model creation (surgical planning, diagnostic, or educational) all play a critical role in the selection of cases where these limited resources can be applied.

We encourage families interested in this technology to discuss their thoughts with their cardiologist or surgeon. Members of the treatment team can contact Jump Simulation with information about the case. We will evaluate these requests efficiently. We relish the opportunity to discuss our work and encourage submission of cases as it is through direct patient impact that the greatest value of this technology will be fully realized.


The 3D Heart Collaborative