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3DPX-014105 Labware & Devices 163957163978 QSD Sterilizable Face Shield
qixy's picture qixy
3D Printed Face Shield, COVID 19
3DPX-014104 Labware & Devices 163957163978 N95 Face Mask Elastic Tightener
N95, adapter, covid, face mask, elastic, elastic tightener
3DPX-014103 Labware & Devices 163957163976 Face Mask EarSavers
face mask ear saver, surgical mask ear relief, ear pain relief, mask elastic, 3D Printed Face Mask Strap Holder
3DPX-014101 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Surgical Mask Strap Clip - Ear Saver
mask, strap, band, extension, hook, head band, PPE, ear, ear saver
3DPX-014100 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Improved face shield WITHOUT elastic
ZepherCorona's picture ZepherCorona
3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE, no elastic band.
3DPX-014096 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Surgical Mask Tension Release Band with...
other.mod's picture other.mod
mask, strap, head band, tension release, PPE, ear saver
3DPX-014090 Labware & Devices 163957163978 NAVAIR - TDP for 3DVerkstan Protective Face...
3DPX-014089 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Anvil Verkstan Visor
Anvil-3D's picture Anvil-3D
visor; 3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; Face shield; stack
3DPX-014088 Labware & Devices 163957163978 N95 Hygienic Face Mask Holder
COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; face mask protector; N95
3DPX-014085 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Ai Can Help Face Shield
peteraicanhelp's picture peteraicanhelp
3D print Face shield, verkstan remix
3DPX-014082 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Southern Tier Face Shield
covid 19 face shield, COVID 19, 3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE
3DPX-014081 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printable Face Mask
face mask, mask, PPE, isolation, 3D print Face shield, 3D Printed Face Mask, Face
3DPX-014080 Labware & Devices 163957164033 3DPI Filtering Half Mask
Alessandro Tassinari
COVID 19; mask; 3d printing
3DPX-014067 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Elongated Thin Prusa RC3 US
3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE
3DPX-014040 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Motivational Ear Relief Bands
ear relief band
3DPX-014025 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Bag Valve Mask/Ventilator Filter Housing
HEPA filter, Bag Valve Mask, ventilator, Montana Mask PPE
3DPX-014023 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Stackable 3DVerkstan 3D Printed Face Shield...
gCreate's picture gCreate
3D Printed Face Shield, 3d printed, Personal Protective Equipment, PPE
3DPX-014022 Labware & Devices 163957163978 MODMASK Modular Face Mask
pcolwell's picture pcolwell
3D Printed Face Mask, 3D Printed reusable Face Mask
3DPX-014021 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Ear Saver (surgical mask tension release...
mfongUNLV's picture mfongUNLV
mask, strap, head band, ear saver, PPE
3DPX-014020 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Temple University COVID Assistance Team Face...
face shield, Resin Casting, PETG
3DPX-014017 Labware & Devices 163957163976 WashU Strap Adapter for 3D Printed Face...
3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; Face shield adapter
3DPX-014014 Labware & Devices 163957163978 "Orikamo" - an origami-fold mask...
nanfulcher's picture nanfulcher
mask, face mask, Halyard H600, sterilization wrap, fabric mask, COVID-19, 3D Printing, Halyard, autoclave wrap, Respirator
3DPX-014010 Labware & Devices 163957163978 BWH/PanFab Mk 1 Face Shield
3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; laser cut; Face shield
3DPX-014009 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Thin CoVID-19 Face Shield Headgear
Grant Adams
PPE, 3D print Face shield, COVID 19, emergency response, 3D Printed Face Shield
3DPX-014005 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Door Claw- PPD
JHaight17's picture JHaight17
door pull
3DPX-014004 Labware & Devices 163957164033 Face Mask
3D print, Face, mask, PPE, FDM, filter, Respirator
3DPX-014003 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Weibel Surgical Mask
PPE; COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; emergency
3DPX-014002 Labware & Devices 163957163978 "Ear Angel" Anti-fatigue Overhead...
ear saver earsaver ear-saver surgical mask extender connector overhead loop strap band halo headgear kids kid child aid head gear pain dust particle kn n 95 kn95 n95 kn-95 n-95 19 covid covid-19 ears savers earsavers ear-savers
3DPX-014001 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printed Filtration Mask
3D print, Respirator, patch filter, Silicone
3DPX-013999 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face mask strap holder / extender
rsullivan's picture rsullivan
3D Printed Face Mask Strap Holder, Extender
3DPX-013998 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face shield
3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE
3DPX-013997 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face Shield (Headband) Letter Size
peter m
3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE
3DPX-013996 Labware & Devices 163957164010 Endotracheal / Orotracheal Tube Clamp
Endotracheal, Orotracheal, COVID19, ICU
3DPX-013991 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Surgical Mask Tension Release Band for Ear...
jgroeli's picture jgroeli
mask strap, tension release, short hair
3DPX-013990 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Prothesia Shield
juliodb's picture juliodb
faceshield; face shield; PPE; reusable;optionally single use; low cost;high volume;laser cut
3DPX-013989 Labware & Devices 163957163976 UW-DFab Injection Moldable COVID-19 Face...
3D Printed Face Sheild, Injection molding
3DPX-013985 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Respirator MC20802NSP V20.854
epvisual's picture epvisual
Respirator for 3D printer, Ultimaker, COVID-19, Corona virus
3DPX-013981 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Stopgap Respirator Mask with Silicone Edge
The 3D Handyman
3D Printed Face Mask, 3D Printed Respirator, Silicone
3DPX-013980 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Safety mask
Ingeniería 3D Digital's picture Ingeniería 3D D...
face shield
3DPX-013979 Labware & Devices 163957163978 PPE Face Shield Visor
PPE Face Shield Visor
3DPX-013978 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Surgical Mask Band - smooth surfaces /...
BrendonBuilds's picture BrendonBuilds
mask strap, mask, strap, band, head band, tension release, PPE, ear saver, smooth, fast
3DPX-013977 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Vacuum Formed Stopgap Face Mask
COVID-19; Coronavirus; PPE; Face Mask; Vacuum Formed
3DPX-013975 Labware & Devices 163957163978 [Remix] DtM-v3.1 with band.
akira's picture akira
3DPX-013973 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Fast Print Ear Saver
Fast Print Ear Saver