DtM-v3.0 printed on Lulzbot Taz 6

We have successfully printed headbands on the Prusa i3 MK2S printer in both PLA and PETG.  At 0.25mm layer height, printing two face shields takes 6hr30m.  Adjusting the layer height to 0.35mm reduces the print time to 4h15m, but there is some sagging in the top of the visor.

Recommended Material: PLA or PETG/CPE
Alternate Materials: ABS, ASA or Nylon

  • Part Parameters for 3D Printing
  • Layer Height: 0.25mm
  • Wall Thickness/Shell Thickness = 1.2mm minimum (3 perimeters or shells)
  • Top/Bottom Layer Thickness = 0.8mm minimum
  • Infill Density = 30% minimum (commnet should it be 100% infill, less risk of absorbing chemicals if we do have to soak frames, build time increase is minimal)
  • Infill Type = Line or Grid
  • Platform Additions /Build Plate Adhesion: Raft or brim as needed. Note: Do not use commercial grade bed adhesives like “MagiGoo” since skin contact reaction/sensitivity is unknown. PVA/Glue stick may be used, residue shall be washed off part during post processing
  • Support: Not Needed

Graphical representation of top/bottom layers, outer shell & infill:


Additional Notes:

  • Regardless of the printer or slicing program you are using it is always recommended to be using the most up to date firmware on your printer and the most recent version of your slicing program.  This will only help if you need the community to troubleshoot any printing issues/questions you may have.
Printer Technology/Material 
Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 

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great job, working to see if our district & govenor will permit access to 3d printers in schools & libraries to print these


I am currently printing these on (2) Taz 6's  and this nexting would definately increase productivity immensly.  Have you posted the file somewhere for this nested visor print?  I am unable to achieve the nest in Cura because the footprint of the visor is a rectangle.  (Yes I'm not proficient yet in the modeling side of things) If you have any advice or can share a file where these 3 are ready to go as one print please let me know!  Thank you !