Stopgap Surgical Facemask PLA

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Made with PLA and oriented for flat bed printing. Includes suppports and brims. 8.5HR print time. PLA material build is for personal use only. Cannot be autoclave cleaned and cannot be recommended for clinical use.

PLA Material used:

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0.15 mm

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I have an ender 3 pro I was wanting to use to print these masks, how can I get this on my SD card and into my printer? 

I’ve printed this and the design is fantastic. Unfortunately, for most 3D printers, this has not been designed towards the process. If the design were to have tapering sides leading to the edge curls, instead of an unsupported inverted structure, and if the strap locks tapered out from the front, this mask could be printed nose flat down with a small amount of support. If the filter holder were moved inside the mask, the whole thing could probably be printed with no support. 

Also, I believe that the filter cover plate is not thick/sturdy enough for continued and repeated use.

This design is already much more complicated than anything I have attempted and I am not having much luck modifying it with Fusion 360. I can change the mesh to an object but the amount and complexity of the faces limits the extent of the modifications that the software can generate, even when the mesh is reduced.

I am interested if anyone else would be interested in taking this on. 

This is the only mask I have found that fits air tight with no additional flexible seal.

Thank you for this creating this excellent gcode file from the models.  I was able to print using a Monoprice MP10 Mini using Taulman Nylon 230 filament.  However, I need to tweak the printing origin, as about 15mm of the mask was not printed because it fell outside the print area. I also could use some help optimizing the settings for printing with nylon.  I increased nozzle temperature to 240C (recommended is 230-235C from the manufacturer) and I had decent adhesion, but stringing was a problem.  Need to find in the gcode file where I can set retraction speed.  I have Cura, Repetier and FreeCAD for editing model and gcode files.