Printed on Prusa Mini in Three Pieces

3 Piece Face Shield for Prusa Mini Builds

Printed usign Prusament PETG. The bed of the Prusa Mini is 180mm X 180mm X 180mm, not large enough to print in one piece. I split it into three pieces that snap together and optionally may be glued or melted together. It is printed rotated at 45 degrees to fit on the bed. No support is used. The tabs used to snap it together may need to be trimmed before assembly depending on how much the filament drooped. The .stl file and .scad file are available at

I've updated the files there and also uploaded a gcode file with the updated no logo version. If the logo is a cleanability issue, then unfortunatley the gaps where the three pieces snap together are also. Melting the pieces together with a soldering iron may be appropriate. I also uploaded a new gcode file here with no logo.

I've made another update to improve the snaps and use support in that area, so it should be possible to print it, break off the support, and snap it together. I have been able to unsnap the pieces so they can be individually cleaned and put them back together 100 times. If the snaps break, surgical tape could be used to hold things together.

The files on my google drive with version 3.1.4 are the newest version. There is the openscad file, an stl file, and gcode for .25 mm that prints in 3 1/2 hours. There is also a project file for Prusa Slicer to match. 3.1.4 modifies the snaps slightly so they fit together better.

I've updated yet again to a one piece version. The snaps often broke with cheap filament. The one piece version has shorter tailpieces, so longer elastic is needed, but it seems equally comfortable. Files of the "shrunk" version are at the same google drive link. Gcode for both Prusament and cheap Sunlu filament are attached here.

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3 Piece Face Shield for Prusa Mini Builds
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I tried downloading the files to print in cura and I am getting all three pieces coming up on my print bed. I have a Lulzbot mini so I can't print ant of these files in one part. Can you help?

Consider also posting your design mod as a remix on PrusaPrinters!