Pierce-Arora-Budhwani Respirator (PABR) Clamp

PABR-Flow (Clamp)
PABR-Cap (Clamp)

Detailed information is included in the step-by-step guide associated with the design files. But here are some of the key settings that we modified for print:

  • Material Flow changed from 100% to 105%
  • Wall Line Count changed from 3 to 4
  • Line Width changed from 0.35mm to 0.49mm (for 0.4mm AA core)

Increasing the line width to improve print speed also resulted in surprisingly better quality.

Printer Technology/Material 
Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 
0.2 mm

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PABR-Flow (Clamp)
PABR-Cap (Clamp)
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