3DVerkstan Protective Visor - North America Version

5 face shields per stack

This is the North America version with the 3-Hole Letter Size puncher using transparency sheet.
Printed in 0.35 mm layer height using PLA.

I was only able to fit one on my Ender 3 due to using a glass bed and clamps holding the glass, so a small area of the bed is unable to be used. Each print takes about 48 minutes. Currently donating these to health care workers on my local hospital, a pharmacy, and giving them to family and friends.

Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 
0.35 mm

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5 face shields per stack
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2 of these will fit on an ender 3 if you turn off skirts and rotate one 180.

Are you printing them stacked?  If so, where did you get the STL file?  Also, what how did you set your slicer to print in 48 mins?  It's taking me about an 1h15m to print one.. And I can't print them fast enough.

I just noticed yours is actually just 3 holes, not the version where you have to flip the shield and punch 3 more for a total of 6 holes.  Where can I get the STL file for this?