Casting this print in urethane plastic

We 3D printed this model, finished it to remove all striation marks from the 3D printing, then used this "master" to cast silicone molds.  From the silicone molds, we cast these frames in urethane plastic.  There is a one hour cure time for the plastic.  So with six molds we should be able to make about 6 masks per hour.

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Printer Make/Model 
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Hey those look great! I'm making molds today to cast respirator masks out of smoothcast 65D, but I hadn't thought about casting the shields yet. What resin are you casting those out of? Thanks!

Hi there. I was thinking the same. Rather than spend hours in just one mold or a few molds, we could print a master, use it as a mold and then fill with another material. Could you send you mold file so I could do here as well? Tks.