3D Printed Face Shield in PLA and HTPLA

Reference Model 

Printed our lab's face shield design in PLA and HTPLA on a Cetus 3D MK2 to test the designs fabrication flexibility

Build instructions include;

  • Temperature 210C --Default for PLA in UPStudio
  • Layer Height = 0.25 mm
  • Infill 13% --Lowest infill setting in UPStudio
  • Print Mode MUST be FINE
    • Althought this increases time significantly (2.5-3.3 hours/part), thermal effects will appear on the visor at higher speeds
  • It is possible to print without raft, but it is not recommended if printing the entire assembly (headband, bows, and clip)

Materials and manufacturers;

  • PLA by Hatchbox
  • HTPLA, HighFiveBlue by ProtoPasta
Printer Technology/Material 
Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 
0.25 mm

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