3DVerkstan headband for face shield

Printed this face shield version from 3DVerkstan in both, PLA and PETG.  I was able to fit two of these on a 210 x 210 mm build plate with no skirt.  Initial print for two headbands using 0.4mm nozzle were around 3.5 hours.  After changing nozzle to 0.6mm with layer height at .3mm and extrusion width at .8mm, print time decreased to 1 hour 17 min for two headbands - per 3DVerkstan's print settings documentation.  Print/Filament settings that works nice and quick for me are below.

  • 0.6mm nozzle
  • layer height: .3mm
  • extrusion width: .8mm
  • 0% infill
  • 5 perimeters


  • OVERTURE PETG Black and Transparent
  • First layer temp: 250C
  • Other layers: 245C
  • Bed temp: 90C


Printer Technology/Material 
Printer Make/Model 
Resolution (Layer Height) 

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