Disposable Respirator Assembly Kits

Photos of assembly for the Basic Respirator. On top are the flat-pack patterns to be shipped and assembled by the wearer onsite and on the bottom are the fully assembled masks.

The patterns and assembly instructions can be found here: https://basicrespirator.com

These are made from Tyvek and accept an N95 or similar filter. It folds together like origami with pre-applied double-sided adhesive and is designed to be thrown away after each use. The 3D printed filter enclosure can be cleaned or thrown away.

The filter enclosure requires no supports and can be printed in less than an hour. After cutting, the mask can be assembled in minutes. Lasercutting is the fastest option to cut the pattern and pre-crease the fold lines. The kits are shipped with an aluminum nosepiece, straps and a neoprene seal. Extra strips of neoprene can be applied in areas where there are gaps so the seal remains airtight while talking.


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