Rat Skeleton

photo of a 3D print of a rat skeleton model
Reference Model 

This model was printed by the MakerBot Replicator 2X located in the NIH Library as part of the pilot program during Summer 2014. The 3D model was obtained courtesy of the NIH 3D Print Exchange, and was sliced in MakerWare.

Instructions from the Print Exchange page called for the use of dissolvable support filament which was not available at the time of printing. Looking at the attached picture file, dissolvable supports would of been best in printing the model due to the frail nature of some of the smaller components, such as the ribs. There was splitting of the plastic in both the front and back legs during removal of the support material, which was easily resolved with the use of superglue. 10% infill was used for the project, but I would recommend a high percentage in order to fortify the model. Removal of the support material was tedious and slightly damaged the rib cage, but the overall shape and structure remained intact.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the finished model, and it will serve as a great tool in designing MRI-based experiments.


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photo of a 3D print of a rat skeleton model
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