Converting a digital model into a printable format to generate a solid object requires specialized skills. Creating a model can take hours, even for an experienced user. We have created novel, web-based tools that allow you to generate high-quality and scientifically-relevant 3D-printable models in only minutes, simply by uploading a file or typing in a database accession code.

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  • Medical Imaging Models

    Medical Imaging



    Must be DICOM-formatted ZIP file, with a single CT series. See FAQs for more help.

    DICOM-formatted files of medical imaging scans (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, etc.) may contain personal information. To protect your privacy, DICOM files are destroyed once they are converted to 3D-printable STL format, and the raw DICOM image stacks are not stored in our database.

  • Molecular Models

    Molecular Data


    Structure Data

    Allowed file types:
    .pdb .pdb1
    .cif .ent .fchk .gro
    .mae .mol .mol2 .sdf

  • Cell & Organism Models

    Image Stacks


    Microscopy &
    Volumetric Data

    Allowed file types:
    .am .bmp .cnt.cub .cube .dx
    .em.h5 .hdf .map .nrg .omap
    .phi ..pif. plt .rec .sit .situs
    .tif .vol .vtk .xplor .xyzt .xyzt

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