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About the Exchange

Learn about the NIH 3D Print Exchange and the exciting developments in 3D printing taking place at NIH.


New ways of visualizing scientific and medical data and concepts can enhance discovery and learning. The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides access to a community-contributed database of bioscientific 3D-printable files. Download a model and print it with your own 3D printer or through a 3D print service provider.

Click here to browse or search the models.


The NIH 3D Print Exchange was created in the spirit of open science and open data. Submit your own models to our database to allow others to download and print your creations.

Visit the Share page to upload a file, or click here to learn about our licensing policy.


Creating a scientifically or medically accurate model can take hours, even for someone with experience in 3D modeling. We have created novel, web-based tools that allow users to generate high-quality and scientifically-accurate 3D printable models in only minutes, simply by uploading a file or typing in a database accession code.

Visit the Create page to try it yourself, or click here to learn about the tools.


The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides video tutorials and additional resources with instruction on 3D modeling software to enable users to customize and create 3D prints. We are also working on classroom material to facilitate use of scientific 3D prints as hands-on teaching aids.

Find information on tutorials and teaching on the Learn page.


The NIH 3D Print Exchange is a community-driven resource. We encourage users to ask questions, contribute tips and tricks on 3D printing, and share ideas for using bioscientific prints as hands-on learning tools.

New features are coming to the Engage page soon, in the meantime, see our blog for news and events.